Milad Mohammadi (Tar)

recorded in TR Studio, Apr 2014
recorded by Reza Assadpour, edited by Soheil Shayestehpour, Master by Hami Haghighi

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Technical Elements,sonority and musicality have such distinctive appearance in Milad Mohammadi’s Tar performance accompanied by Tombak played by Ahmad Mostanbet that present a different perspective to the audience.

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This album is a showcase for Milād Mohammadi’s interpretations of and experimentations with Persian music, and specifically tār-playing. “Shadows” is one of his best efforts. He considers this album the result of the approach of today’s Persian music and the attention he has paid to currents thereof.

Musicians: Milād Mohammadi (tār, tār bass), Nimā Jozi (ney), Zakariā Yousefi (bandir).

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 Music as a part of every humans live , actually it is reflection of people from aspirations to nostalgia....happiness and hardship...of their lives , to allay their pain , as it is fabulous at the same time . otherwise , Iranian Classical music as a deep and rich music , isn`t expected from this rule , since 1979 -the time when iran`s revolution happened - it has comforted in a new phase. the music which imported in Iran & Iraq war and changed its static dress into excitement mood . Iranian Music accompanied and go ahead by every events with its nation . in a century which the technology is progressing with wonderful velocity , and life is exposed by anxiety and tension , music couldn`t be inconsistent from this fact. Iranian classical music has been changed slowly in its interior but it doesn`t have the mean that it`ll change its nature and essence. Obviously , talking with a sense of profoundness , which is today`s life`s language. the life , full of pollution... Our generation should looking for ways to expel the music from repetition , and it ought to has a up to date statement. Although, Indian and Azeri music are changing with their social alteration , and growing up their custom and tradition , and making it international , however , Iranian music is source of both of these musics , and it can display its effective expression to the worldwide. Actually it refers to our generation attitude . some how there are many people whom are against of this thought of evolution and insist on not to change the traditional status and condition. but there is no way except updating , because of flowing existence reality.

Milad Mohammadi